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Our Web Shop

Thank you for choosing to use our Web Shop for your orders. 

So, you know what to expect when you first log onto our Web Shop we have outlined the process and simplified the techie jargon.  We have included a step by step guide highlighting all the features of our on-line Web Shop. All prices and products shown in this User Guide are for demonstration purposes only.


Creating an account

To get an account please contact your Account Manager or the Customer Response Team on 01743 283600 or email [email protected].  They will send you an email containing your user name and password.

Alternatively, you can log into the web shop and select ‘Apply for an account’ and follow the steps.

 New Application

Logging in

The Web Shop address is  This will take you to the screen below, where you select ‘Account’ and ‘My Account’, on the top right-hand corner.


Please insert the Username and Password that you have been sent.

 Login Page

Searching for Items

This can be done several ways, including:


                    I.            Using the Top Search bar.  In here you can include the Product code or SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) (if known) or the name or description of the item required.

 Search Bar

                  II.            Using the Drop Down Category Menu Options, or the section buttons below.


You can return to the home page at any time by selecting the arrow logo at the top left of the screen.

Shopping Basket

Once you have found the item you are looking for you can add it to your shopping basket

 Add To Basket

Add To Basket


Checking Out

Once you have added your items to the shopping basket, you select ‘My Basket’ on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

 My Basket 

This will bring up the list of items currently in your basket and the sub total.  From here you can amend the quantity of items (by increasing the number and selecting ‘Update’), remove the items or check out.


Delivery Address

Once you have selected ‘Proceed to Checkout’ you will be asked to select the Delivery Address.  If there is more than one address linked to the account, you will be able to search for the address in the Address Line.  You can type any part of the address in here including Building name, postcode.

Once you have selected the correct address, select ‘Next’.

Delivery Address

Payment Options

All orders will need to have a Purchase Order Number and you will need to tick the Terms and Conditions box.

  Purchase Order

Terms and Conditions can be found by clicking on the text and selecting the word ‘link’.

 Terms and Conditions Link

 You can also add comments to your orders that you will want Customer Response to know.  This could include ‘Next week is half term please deliver the week commencing 25th February’.

 Terms and Conditions


COSHH & Item Details

When you are viewing a product on the Web Shop, there will be a small description about the item and what it can be used for.


 If the item is a chemical, you will be able to download the COSHH data sheet directly from the website.


Shopping List

When you have an account on the Web Shop you can create a ‘Shopping list’.  This is done my logging into your account (Top Right-hand corner) and it will bring up the screen below, and then select ‘My Shopping List’.

 My Shopping List


Select ‘Add New List’ and enter a Shopping List name.  This can be unique to you, and a description can also be added.

 Create Shopping List

 Once your Shopping List is created you can add items to it.  This is done by finding the product, then in the ‘Create New List’ column, select the list you have just created, and select ‘Add to Shopping List’.

 Add Items Shopping List

This product will now always appear in the Shopping List.  You can create more than 1 shopping list, making it easier for you to order.

 Create Shopping List2

 To add an item from your Shopping list to your basket.  Select

’My Shopping Basket’ and this will show you all the items listed in a shopping list.  From here you can amend the Quantity and add each item individually to your basket or select ‘Add All to Basket’.

 Shopping List to Basket

Order History

One of the benefits of using the Web Shop is that is stores all your order history ensuring you can track what you have purchased, and it makes it easier to place a repeat order.

Go into your account (top right-hand corner) and in the middle of the screen it will list your ‘Recent orders’. 

 Recent Orders

From this screen you can either ‘View your Order’ or ‘Reorder’.

To view a more detailed breakdown of recent orders select ‘My Order’ on the left-hand side of your Account screen.

 My Orders

This will show a list of all orders that have been ordered via your account.  This may include other orders for different departments/delivery addresses in your account.  From this screen you can also ‘Reorder’ the order.

Exporting Orders

A unique function of the Web Shop is that once you have placed your order you can export or download it as a CSV file.  This is done after you have placed your order, you will see the screen below:

 Exporting Orders

This will download an excel spreadsheet detailing your order.  This will include:

  • Order ID
  • Date and Time of Order
  • Account Name
  • Billing & Ship To Addresses
  • Item cost
  • Pricing information





Created by Claire Adams

8th April 2019


Version 2.0